Bathroom Remodel Surprise

Bathroom Remodels: What to Expect

Bathroom Remodel Surprise
Bathroom remodels are never pretty, but this one held a nasty surprise.

Recently, a client of Buffalo Builders, Inc. decided it was time to remodel their master bathroom, and contacted us for help.  Working with an experienced contractor can make a big difference in keeping a budget, schedule and ensuring that any surprises are handled properly. Buffalo Builders will put together a comprehensive estimate before the project begins and work to address any unforeseen events as they arise. For this bathroom remodel, after reviewing Buffalo Builder’s estimate, the client decided that they could self-perform the removal of the toilet and tile flooring to save on project costs. He cleared out the contents of the bathroom, unbolted the toilet, and had quite the discovery. Once the toilet had been removed, he was shocked to see water damage to the subfloor and visible black spores indicative of mold around the wax ring. He called the project manager immediately with questions on the safety of the occupants and what to do next.  

This discovery is common in bathroom remodels due to the proximity to several plumbing systems, the age of those systems and frequent usage. In any event, it is important to consider the potential presence of mold in one’s home, especially when undergoing a renovation. Restoration Contractors like Buffalo Builders are experienced in assessing these risks, and will ensure that the mitigation of mold in your residence is addressed according to industry standards. While you should have a professional safely remove any microbial growth in your residence, there are some steps that a homeowner can take.

  • Ventilate the space, opening up doors and windows to create a cross-breeze.
  • Wear proper protective gear, i.e.. protective eyewear, non-porous gloves, and a mask or respirator
  • Prevent mold growth by cleaning up any unwanted water present in your home (leaks). If you have a water loss and are unsure about how to clean it up, or whether you have done enough, contact a professional! Buffalo Builders offers water mitigation services and will thoroughly remove any moisture that may damage your property or lead to microbial growth.

In the case of the Buffalo Builders’ bathroom remodel, our project manager who is certified in microbial remediation, instructed our customer to stay out of the bathroom until our professionally trained crew could assess the situation.  Buffalo Builders immediately mitigated the mold risk so that the remodel could continue with the safety of the homeowner and our team as a priority.  If you are planning on renovating your home or concerned about the potential presence of mold in your home, contact a professional contractor like Buffalo Builders. It is our job to ensure your safety. Please call us at (719) 578-8100 for free estimates and project inspections. Happy Holidays!

For more information on Black Mold, see this SafeWise article: Guide to Black Mold


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