New Construction

A total construction solution; Buffalo Builders, Inc. does all of the necessary jobs to start and complete the project.

Commercial construction

Buffalo Builders is your ideal go-to solution for new commercial construction. We have extensive experience building commercial and industrial properties including offices, manufacturing plants, medical centers, retail shopping centers, and more. We offer true ground-up construction using our high level of experience and expertise. Our construction projects are highly detailed, scheduled, and up to local building codes and ordinances. Do not hesitate to get your new construction project started.

Residential construction

When constructing residential homes, Buffalo Builders takes a personal approach and expertise on each customized residential project. Your home is an important part of your life and you want it to be warm, comforting, and really “feel” like home. As an active member of the Bullet Home Builders Association, we have constructed many different houses over the years, and every one of them is a unique home. If you want your dream home to go from vision to reality, let Buffalo Builders build your next home today.

Buffalo Builders performs the site preparation and construction of entirely new structures, significant additions, or extensions to existing structures. To get started on your new construction project, call Buffalo Builders today.