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Every homeowner wants to keep their home mold free, but not every homeowner knows how. This is simply because mold can and will grow anywhere that’s damp and unattended. When it comes to keeping your home mold free, there is more than you can do than simply opening up your windows after a shower and turning on your kitchen exhaust fans when you start to cook.

How to Seek out Hidden Mold in Your Home

If you want to keep your home clean from mold, below is a great article from Buffalo Builders, Inc with places you likely haven’t thought of.


Your refrigerator does a great job of keeping your food and items cold on the inside. However, it’s the outside which can cause a problem. Moisture which collects on or around your coils or even in your drip tray (if you have one) can easily encourage mold growth. The biggest challenge when it comes to this space is that it’s hard to reach and therefore rarely checked. Every six months, get some help to move your refrigerator and not only clean the back of it but also the wall which it is placed against. There is a good chance the wall also has some mold growth from residual dampness.

Your Attic

It only takes the smallest water leak or moisture to get into your attic to cause problems. The most common place you will find mold growth in your attic is actually behind any packing boxes which are pushed against the walls of your attic. A small constant drip falling on cardboard boxes is all it takes for a significant amount of mold growth to occur out of sight. Again, once every six months, move all of the items in your attic which are pressed against the wall or ceiling and check for mold. Even if you can’t see any, be sure to use a dry cloth to wipe the area of moisture and prevent mold from growing. If you discover mold which is too large for you to remove, be sure to speak with somebody who has experience in the field. Speak with Buffalo Builders, Inc at 866 801 8100 to learn more about their experience and to book an appointment at your convenience. They can remove mold from your home safely and thoroughly.

Carpet Padding

When you think about it, it’s easy to imagine. All of the debris and moisture which comes into your home on your shoes and your guest's shoes has to go somewhere. That somewhere is at the root of your carpet and in your carpet padding. Given that this is a dark and now damp area, it is the perfect environment for mold to grow. The challenge with identifying this mold growth is that you will likely need to pull back a part of your carpet to inspect it. The best way to test it out before doing it is to get down to the carpet and smell. If there is mold, you will smell it!


While it may seem small, behind your toilets where the porcelain meets the floor is a great place for mold to hide and grow. Each time that you clean your bathroom and your toilets, be sure to scrub behind your toilet fixtures to remove any mold and prevent it from growing again.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units can often seem like magic when it comes to cooling down a hot house. However, in reality, it is the mechanics which do the job, and it is these mechanics which can cause mold growth. After you have safely switched off the unit, take off any filters and inspect them for mold. Additionally, look through the system and even the outside where it connects to your home for mold. Leaking water from the cooling mechanism or even moisture caused by its action is all it takes for mold growth to occur. Remember, when checking your air conditioning unit be sure to look both inside your home and outside.

Mold Removal in Colorado Springs, CO Can Improve the Look at Health of Your Home

Mold removal isn’t always a DIY job. Sometimes it can grow so large that it needs a professional mold removal service. Speak with Buffalo Builders, Inc today at 866 801 8100 and speak with a professional about the level of mold growth in your home and how they can remove it. Experts in the field of mold remediation, you can trust that Buffalo Builders, Inc will remove all of the mold from your home safely and thoroughly.