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This year has gone by so quickly that we are already in Winter! Christmas is just around the corner, meaning family gatherings and evenings by the fire. However, Winter can also be a very vulnerable time for your home, due to the sudden changes in temperature. If you do not take the right precautions, you may find yourself dealing with a Winter home nightmare, such as water damage, frozen pipes or damage to your roof.

Avoid a Winter Home Maintenance Disaster with Basic Maintenance Tips

In this blog, the experts at Buffalo Builders have put together a great guide to the essential maintenance that you should conduct over the next couple of weeks in order to avoid a Winter home nightmare.

Clear Your Gutters

Functional gutters are essential for protecting your home against leaking roofs and flooding. Their purpose is to collect the water that falls on your roof in the form of rain or ice and channel this safely away to the drain. However, they cannot perform this function properly if they are full of leaves and other debris, are cracked, or are falling and tilting away from the wall. Get your ladder out before the cold weather hits, and give your gutters the once-over. Remove any build-up that may be blocking the flow of water, replace any broken sections, and ensure to securely fasten them to the wall. Remember that safety should always come first when using a ladder and tending to your roof, especially in the cold and slippery season. If possible, have somebody stand at the bottom of the ladder for support.

Protect Your Pipes

Burst pipes are a common reason for a home insurance claim in the United States. Repairs due to the water damage caused by a burst pipe can total thousands of dollars. Protect your property from this common issue by giving your pipes a bit of TLC before the temperatures start to drop. Work your way through your home, checking over and replacing and pipes that look visibly worn or have cracks in them. Next, consider insulating pipes to further protect them from the cold air. Finally, ensure that water continues to flow around your home on a daily basis, as standing water can freeze, causing pipes to split. If a flood or leaking water has caused damage to your home, you may feel like you don’t know where to begin when it comes to repairs. Well, help is at hand! Speak with Buffalo Builders (24 hours a day) at 866 801 8100 to request an expert attend your property and provide a safe assessment of the damage, including how they can get your property back on track.

Vacation Maintenance

Planning on taking a trip this Christmas? There are a few important things that you should make sure to do before leaving, to ensure that you won’t come back to find a nasty surprise. Firstly, either drain the water from your pipes or remember to leave one tap dripping a little. This may seem wasteful, but it is absolutely essential when it comes to preventing cracked pipes. A dripping tap keeps water flowing throughout the circuit, preventing it from freezing, expanding and eventually causing the pipe to burst. Secondly, it is prudent to leave the heating on for a few hours per day in order to constantly maintain the temperature of your property above 10 degrees. This helps to prevent ice build up on the windows, and the leaks associated with this, as well as maintaining pipes at a comfortable temperature. Finally, the best way that you can protect your home while away on vacation is by asking a friend or neighbor to ‘house sit’. The daily presence of someone in your home, using the water and maintaining the temperature helps to protect your pipes from bursting. On top of this, if anything untoward were to happen, someone would be there to call out the Restoration Contractor immediately, preventing any further damage.

Who Do You Call When You Need Water Damage Restoration in Fountain?

When your property sustains fire damage or flooding, it can be difficult to know where to start. The first thing to realize is that safe property restoration in Fountain is not a weekend DIY job and requires expert knowledge and equipment. To get your property back up and running, speak with an expert at Buffalo Builders by calling 866 801 8100 (24 hours a day). Experts in the field of property restoration, Buffalo Builders can attend your site and provide safe inspection and advice on immediate recovery options.