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Summer is here, which means one thing - summer vacation! Whether it's a weekend away to go camping, a week long road-trip to visit relatives, or you are heading for an interstate adventure, now is the time for it! However, summer is also the time where many homeowners require water damage restoration in Colorado Springs along with extensive property repair services.

Prepare Your Home for an Extended Vacancy

One of the main reasons these services are required is because many homeowners get caught up in the excitement of a vacation that they forget simple tips to prepare their home while they are away. If you and your family are planning a summer vacation, include these tips into your plans.

Turn on Your Security

Turning on your alarm system may seem like the most obvious thing to do. However, it is at the top of this list because many homeowners forget. Along with turning on your security system before you leave, speak with your security company and advise them of your vacation plans. Along with your cell number, provide them with alternative contact numbers while you are away.

If You Don't Need It - Switch It Off

Along with your alarm system, there may be other electrical items in your home that you choose to leave on. For everything else, be sure to switch it off and remove the cord from the socket. It only takes a small and quick spark from a malfunctioning electrical item to cause a fire in your home. And without you to put it out when it is small, it will grow and cause extensive damage.

Prevent Water Damage

Unless somebody is using your hot water or plumbing system while you are away, consider turning off your water service at the mains. If you choose to keep your water running for your own reasons, take some time before you leave to ensure each and every faucet has been turned off. Any small dripping can quickly accumulate while you are away and cause severe water damage to your home. If you have returned home to find that water damage has occurred in your home, the first step is to turn off your water supply and locate the issue. Once you have found the problem, call Buffalo Builders at 866 801 8100 to request emergency water damage restoration services. While they are on their way, and if it is safe, do your best to clear the area to assist them in repairing the issue.

Hot Water Service

On the subject of water, if you have chosen to leave your hot water service switched on, make sure that you set it to 'vacation mode'. This will not only minimize the amount of electricity or gas that your property uses while you are away, but it can also reduce the risk of any damage a faulty service can cause.

Keep It Quiet

Vacations are exciting adventures that you will want to share with your friends. However, resist the urge to share your travel plans on social media before and during your vacation. Posting your upcoming vacation dates online lets the world know that you and your family will be away and that your home will be vacant, and full of your personal belongings.

Install a Motion Sensor Light

Along with telling your neighbors to be aware of anybody skulking around your home, install a motion sensor flood light. While it may seem rude, try to find the most powerful one you can. Given that it will only be activated if somebody who shouldn't be there is at your house, your neighbors will only be disrupted by it when they need to be.

Smoke Detectors

When it come to a fire in your home, your smoke detectors are the best way to alert you and the occupants to the presence of a fire. However, while you are away, the consistently high-pitched noise will also let your neighbors know there is an issue, giving them time to call the fire service as soon as possible. Make sure that each of your smoke detectors is in working order and has a fresh set of batteries.

If You Need Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

Despite our best efforts, there can be times where water and other types of damage occur in our homes while we are on vacation. If you have been unfortunate enough to return to property damage, speak with an expert in water damage restoration by calling Buffalo Builders. Available 24 hours a day by calling 866 801 8100, Buffalo Builders are experts in restoring properties after they have sustained structural and internal damage.