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Any qualified builder will tell you that the safety and dependency of your home's structure rely on its foundations. A small issue with your home's foundation can lead to extensive damage and safety concerns for your home. One of the biggest threats to the quality of your home's foundation is water.

Protect Your Home's Foundation Against Water Damage

From years of experience providing water damage restoration services in Fountain, Buffalo Builders, Inc. knows a lot about the importance of your home's foundation and how to protect it against water damage. With this post, below are a few tips to help you prevent water damage to your home's foundation.

Start With Your Driveway

Most modern homes include a driveway which is on an incline leading up to your home. This design serves a very important purpose - it moves water away from your home's foundation and into the storm water drains or any separate irrigation system you may have. This prevents damage to the soil around your foundations and also to the foundation itself which can be affected by constant pools of water. However, not every home was designed this way. If your driveway is driving water towards your home, consider installing a small grated irrigation system between your drive and your home. This can be used to collect water before it reaches the foundation of your home and can direct it elsewhere.


Most homeowners consider their yard, both front and back, to be absorbent. And while it is true that your grass and soil can, and will, absorb as much water as possible, there is a limit. When this limit is reached, water will begin to flow in whichever direction an incline sends it. If this is towards your home, then it can begin to pool around the foundation of your home where it can cause damage. The easiest way to prevent this is to re-level your landscaped areas to promote water to flow away from your home. Similar to the point above, a small and simple catchment and basic irrigation system can be beneficial. If your home has sustained water damage and you require immediate and professional water damage restoration services in Fountain, speak with an expert at Buffalo Builders, Inc. by calling 866 801 8100. Leaders in the first of water damage restoration, you can rest assured that work performed at your property will be of the highest quality.

Guttering and Downspout System

Almost every home has a guttering system installed. And while it performs an important function, it isn't always paid the level of maintenance that it needs and deserves. The purpose of a guttering system is to collect water from your roof and direct it into a receptible or larger drain system. If your home does not have guttering or your guttering has become clogged, water will instead flow off your roof straight to your home's foundation. Maintaining your gutters isn't difficult, it just takes a bit of time.
  1. Use a ladder to safely reach your guttering system.
  2. When in place, identify any noticeable debris that could prevent water from flowing freely through your gutters.
  3. Remove as much of the debris as possible
    • Be sure that you don't remove it by flushing it through the downspout. Throw it to the ground and clean it up once you have finished.
  4. Once all of the larger pieces are removed, scrape away any buildup which may have accumulated. If this is left, it can corrode your gutter system and cause holes.
  5. Once all visible debris is removed, use your regular garden hose to give your gutters a good flush and be sure that the water flowing out of the exit to your gutter system is at the same flow as the water going in. If it is slower or it is banking up, you will need to remove a blockage.
  6. If your downspout has a blockage, try a high-pressure attachment for your hose to flush it out.
Once you have finished, be sure to responsibly dispose of the debris which was in your guttering system.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Fountain

These are just three of the many ways which everyday homeowners can help protect the foundation of their homes. However, sometimes damage can occur despite best efforts being made. When this happens, don't leave it to chance.  Instead, speak with an expert at providing water damage restoration at Buffalo Builders, Inc. by calling 866 801 8100. Available 24 hours a day, Buffalo Builders, Inc. can provide immediate assessment and water damage restoration.