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Keeping your home warm during the cold season is important, but keeping your home safe is even more important. This article has some tips which can help you do both.

As soon as the temperatures start to dip, homeowners all around the country race of their attic or their basement storage to pull out each and every one of the heating elements they can find to bring the temperatures back up to what they are comfortable with.

How to Safely Heat Your Home

Below are some safety tips from Buffalo Builders - Restoration Contractor for you to consider which allow you to both heat your home and keep your family safe.

Don't Leave Your Heating Appliances Turned On

Whether you are just running down the road to the corner store to pick up some bread or if you are just putting your clothes out to dry if you have a heating element turned on your home, be sure to turn it off before you leave.

The reason for this is that it only takes something as simple as a small space-heater to topple over and cause serious damage inside your home within seconds while you have no idea that it is happening and are not there to take immediate steps to put it out.

Heaters Are Not Clothes Dryers

Do you see that big metal box which you use regularly to dry your clothes? That’s the machine which you should be using if your clothes are wet or even if you just want to warm them up. Why is this a tip? Because far too many homeowners take up the habit of drying or warming their clothes by draping them over their heating appliances.

Not only is this an ineffective way to dry your clothes it is a sure-fire (pardon the pun) way to start a fire in your home. For this reason, educate everybody in your home that as tempting as it is to just ‘throw the blanket over the heater for a few minutes’, those few minutes are all taken to cause a dangerous situation in your home.

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Use Your Extension Cords Correctly

If you are looking down at your heater which is plugged into a power-board which is plugged into an extension cord then it’s time to look for an alternative power source.

As helpful and convenient as extension leads are, they have their limitations and their designed uses. And extending power for a power-board is not one of them. And guess what? Providing power to a space heater is also not one of their use-cases.

For this reason, if you are using a space heater, be sure that it is plugged directly into the power outlet. If you can't find a direct socket for it then you can't use it.

The Rest of Your Cords

Speaking of cords, each of your appliances will have its own power cord. Be sure to inspect it thoroughly as you take each of your heating appliances out of storage and before you use them.

The reason to perform this task is to ensure that rodents haven’t eaten away at your wiring or that moisture or other environmental elements haven’t caused your power cord to decay. Either could lead to a serious electrical fire in your home, so be sure to give each cord an inspection before using it.

Use Your Space Heater Correctly

The last tip is devoted entirely to the use of your space heater. The reason why this appliance gets its own tip is because it heats a large percentage of homes across the world thanks to their quick heating time and effective space-heating abilities.

However, it’s important that you use these correctly.

For example, be sure that you are always using these appliances in an open space. Your living room is a good use of your heater, but your bathroom or even toilet is not.

Additionally, be sure that everybody and your pets keep a safe distance from the heater at all times, even as it is cooling down

It’s also important that you don’t decorate your space heater and that you keep it away from any decorations or any items which could catch fire.

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