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When it comes to deep cleaning your home, one of the worst things to discover is mold, especially in large quantities. However, it’s important to remember that there are ways you can remove mold on your own. Today Buffalo Builders Inc, would like to help you with just yet. Follow these important tips to remove mold safely and easily from your home.

Start by Protecting Yourself:

  • It’s crucial that you keep in mind the possible toxicity of mold
  • Remember this, you should always wear protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and a face mask
  • You should also wear long sleeved clothing that you won’t mind throwing out when the process is over
  • You’ll also need to ensure the room is well ventilated, perhaps using a box fan to pull the chemicals out of the room-remembering that you’ll also need to get rid of the box fan when the process is over

The Process

  • If you’ve only got a small area of mold to deal with, then you can start by using normal cleaning products, such as bleach, to get rid of the small problem
  • For bigger problems, you should start by exposing all of the area that is affected
  • You can lightly spray the area so that the  mold spores are heavier, preventing them from spreading about while you’re working
  • You should also ensure that your heating or air conditioning units are not on, as to prevent further spreading of the mold
  • To even better protect your home from the spreading of mold, cover vents while you work 
  • Now that all precautions are taken, you will remove the mold, using specific cleaning products for mold removal, and of course you should not underestimate the power of bleach

While you are already in the reparation process, check out some more of our tips on how you can repair a hole in your drywall. Should you discover, as you are removing the mold or restoring a hole in drywall that the problem is bigger or more hazardous than you thought, remember that Buffalo Builders Inc, is here to help you.  For fire and water damage restoration in Northern Colorado, be sure to contact us at 970-330-8855.