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Keep Your Home Safe from Snow and Ice Damage

Here in Colorado, cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, and ice build-up can cause serious property damage. Roof collapse and ice dams are the most serious consequences if your home is not adequately protected. Follow these steps to make sure you are not a victim of being unprepared.

Know Your Home

Have a professional inspection done on your home to identify weaknesses. Their insights should guide you in making decisions about what you need to do to prepare. If your roof cannot bear heavy loads of snow or if your pipes are old and at higher risk of cold damage, the inspector will let you know. Talk to your insurance agent so you know what your policy covers in terms of cold disasters. Your insurance company can also warn you of dangers in your particular area.

Roof Collapse

The first step in prevention of roof collapse is knowing the strength of your roof. Make sure your roof slope is sufficient to shed most ice and snow. Even if it is, ice and snow can still build up on flatter areas of the roof or around obstacles like chimneys or skylights. After snowfall, look for leaks from the roof or attic, doors that are difficult to open or close, cracks in your drywall, or sagging on the ridge-line where the two sides of your sloped roof meet. These are all potential signs of a burdened roof. Hire a snow removal professional immediately.

Ice Dams

Ice dams develop on the edge of your roof and around drains, keeping snow and ice from melting off. Heat escaping from your home interior and poor attic circulation are the primary causes. Look for where heat may emanate including attic doors and windows, holes for electrical wires and cables, vents, or chimneys. Remove or insulate any sources of heat in your attic, including from incandescent lights. Keep your roof properly maintained to make sure these dams cannot form.

For Property Restoration in Colorado Springs

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