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Mold are fungi that decompose organic material and they only require two conditions to grow: the right environment and a food source. This can become a problem in your home, as it can become a health threat and damage your property. The Buffalo Builders team specializes in mold removal in Colorado Springs, that’s why we would like to share useful advice on preventing mold growth in your property. 


Your kitchen has high humidity levels due to the activities that take place there, and you should always keep doors and windows open to keep it ventilated. Look for any leaks under the kitchen sink and check that your dishwasher doesn’t have loosed or damaged valves. Also, consider using mold-resistant paint in this area. 


It’s very easy to neglect this area and the temperature and humidity can set the perfect condition for mold growth. Having a dehumidifier is a great step towards controlling the moisture. You should also look out for cracks in the walls that can allow water into your basement.  Remember to visit this area frequently to avoid unpleasant surprises. 


You should clean immediately any wet surface in your bathroom, and installing an exhaust fan is a good way to improve the ventilation. If your wish to learn more about how to prevent water damage in your bathroom, be sure to read this previous post

These are just some of the areas that require special attention, as they are prone grow mold. Also, mold spores are impossible to remove from your home, but regular dusting and cleaning can minimize this problem, and consider installing HEPA filters to remove airborne particles that can trigger allergies. 

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