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Now is the perfect time to take a short vacation to visit your family and friends. Below is a great post with tips on how to keep your home protected while you’re away.

Get Your Home in Vacation Mode

Christmas is a great excuse to take some time off and visit your family and friends to celebrate and catch-up. However, while you’re away, your house is left without anybody taking care of it or watching out for any problems which may arise.

Get Your Home Ready for Your Absence

If you are preparing to travel during the Christmas period, below is a great post from Buffalo Builders, Inc. with steps you can take to prevent problems occurring while you are away.


It only takes a small leak in a pipe inside your walls or a dripping faucet which you forgot to repair before you left to wreak havoc while you are away, leaving you to return home to find that your house has been flooded. Unless you can think of a compelling reason to leave it on, before you leave for your vacation, find your water main and switch it off. If you have somebody visiting your home to check in on it and for some reason they need access to water, show them where the main is but request that they switch it off before they leave.


The same tip as above applies to your gas, too. Given that your kitchen won’t get much use while you are away and your house doesn’t needed to be heated while nobody is in it, also switch off your gas mains before you leave. Many homeowner forget about the gas because it causes very little problems when in use, however, if a small leak appears and your house fills with gas, not only is a health hazard when you return, but a small spark inside your house can cause serious problems.

Use a Light Timer

Despite what the movie ‘Home Alone’ may have shown you, putting a light or two in your home in a timer is a great idea. When you are installing these devices, consider your regular routine and what time any lights which are visible on the street would regularly be switched on. This can help to give your home the appearance that you are still living in it and carrying on with your routine over the Christmas period. If you return home to a flooded house and realize that you forgot to switch off your water main, don’t panic. Before you step into a potentially dangerous house, call Buffalo Builders, Inc. at 866 801 8100 and request their immediate attendance. Buffalo Builders, Inc. are professionals who can attend your property and inspect its safety before you or your family enter. Once this is assured, they can complete a thorough inspection and provide professional water damage restoration services.

Smoke Detectors

Just because you aren’t at home to hear them doesn’t mean that your neighbors won’t. Take a tour of your home and check that all of your smoke detectors are in good working order. For peace of mind, consider this a good time to replace the batteries in them. If a fire is to occur in your home, the sound from these devices can be a great early-alert for your neighbors to take notice and call the fire brigade.

Take out the Trash

The last thing that you want to return home to is a bad smell. However, this is the case for many homeowners simply because they forgot to take out the trash before they leave. Speak with all of your family members and encourage them to bag up any trash they have in their rooms, along with your regular trash collection points around your home, and take it out before you leave.


A similar tips applies to food in your refrigerator. Take a look through the items you have stored and, if you think it may go bad while you are away, consider using it now or throwing it away. A bad smell in your refrigerator is hard to remove and often requires you to give your refrigerator a thorough clean, which is something you won’t be in the mood to complete once you return from vacation.

The Best Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

Whether it’s a total flood or a medium amount of water has made its way into your home by way of a storm or other weather event, Buffalo Builders, Inc. can help. To find out more about their professional and high-quality water damage restoration services, give them a call at 866 801 8100.