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The nature of an emergency means that it can occur at any time and without any warning. Are you and your family prepared for common emergencies? When it comes to preparing for an emergency, the best time is now! Why? Because by the time that an emergency strikes, it’s too late! The challenge faced by many home owners is not knowing what to prepare for and how to prepare.

Tips to Help You Plan for an Emergency

Buffalo Builders, Inc knows a thing or two not only about restoring a property after an emergency, but also how you and your family can prepare for a range of emergencies and has prepared the following post to help get you started.

Who Is in Charge?

The last thing that you want to happen is for an emergency to strike and for some people to be listening to one person giving instructions and other people listening to a separate person. Why? Because this is the easiest way for everybody to become confused, essentially making the emergency worse. Sit down with our family and work out a chain-of-command, listing those who will be in charge if they are home and able during an emergency. Be sure that everybody is aware of who has which rank. With this in place, should an emergency strike, everybody can listen to just one set of instructions and resolve the emergency quickly and safely.

Prepare for Common Emergencies

While an emergency can be any number of things, there are a few common emergencies which you can prepare for. For example:
  • If the roof has begun to leak and you need to leave the house.
  • What to do should an earthquake strike.
  • Should a fire erupt upstairs/downstairs.
  • If a storm has caused flooding at your property.
Each of the above, either likely or unlikely, can be prepared for beforehand, with general knowledge and instructions being discussed, as a family, before the event. As an example, if you all need to evacuate the house, talk about which route everybody should take and who should take which items. Of course, it’s also a good idea to talk about the items which members of your home shouldn’t take to prevent your youngsters from running to their room to get their favorite toy when they should be immediately exiting the house. If an emergency has happened at your house and your property has sustained damage, be sure to get the work professionally repaired, so as to ensure that all work is done safely and thoroughly. Speak with Buffalo Builders, Inc at 866 801 8100 to find out more about the services they can provide and how their experienced team and professional grade equipment can get your home back up and running safely and quickly.

Do You Have an Emergency Box?

Imagine a scenario in which everybody in the house has to evacuate quickly and wait for emergency services to arrive.
  • Do you have your insurance documents?
  • How about copies of all of your birth certificates and personal identification?
  • The details of your credit card, or even a backup card you use strictly in emergencies?
  • How about any of the family photos hanging on your wall?
The answer is likely to be no. And while there are many items which you can get elsewhere, items like your family photos and identity documents are a lot harder, potentially even impossible. To prepare for this, create an emergency box which is close to one of the exits of you home and include items such as:
  • Your insurance documentation or at least a copy of the most important information to help you speak with your insurance company.
  • Identity documents or certified copies of them.
  • Your emergency credit card.
  • A small external hard drive with the most recent scans of all of your family photos.
  • Any other pertinent documents or small items which will help you in, and recover from, an emergency.
Having this small box in a place where you or a designated family member can grab it on your way out is a great way to help you deal with an emergency and get your life back on track once it has passed.

Property and Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to emergencies, the best thing you can be is prepared. The above tips are a great place to start. If, when discussing the above with your family, somebody comes up with more ideas, be sure to discuss them and potentially add them to an emergency plan. Of course, if your property has suffered damage, it’s important to remember that the restoration is not a DIY job. Attempting to do the work yourself can result in more damage and even raise safety concerns. Instead, speak with a professional such as Buffalo Builders, Inc at 866 801 8100 and request their immediate attendance and assessment. With years of experience, trust that Buffalo Builders, Inc can get your property and your lives back on track quickly.