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Any qualified builder will tell you that the safety and dependency of your home's structure rely on its foundations. A small issue with your home's foundation can lead to extensive damage and safety concerns for your home. One of the biggest threats to the quality of your home's...
Buffalo Builders can provide a full range of services in the event that your property has sustained water damage. From emergency attendance and assessment, right through to thorough and safe emergency water damage restoration services. Combined, these services can help you to...
Summer is here, which means one thing - summer vacation! Whether it's a weekend away to go camping, a week long road-trip to visit relatives, or you are heading for an interstate adventure, now is the time for it! However, summer is also the time where many homeowners...
While it's true that the weather in Teller County isn't what we would consider ideal, it's well on its way, and it's clear that Winter is a season of the past. And as the sun begins to show it's face again, homeowners around Teller County, just like yourself, are organizing their annual Spring...
While it's true that there are some areas which are prone to adverse weather conditions, including severe storms, with the way in which weather patterns work, severe storms can and will strike anywhere and any place without much notice or warning.

How to Safely Wait out a Storm and How to...


Responding to a Gas Leak in Colorado Springs

A gas leak is a major hazard and should be addressed immediately in case you come across one. Natural gas is highly flammable and the smallest of sparks is sufficient for causing ignition. Here are some tips for how to detect and how to respond to a...

Protecting You Carpet This Winter in Teller County

During the holiday season is the most dangerous time for carpets. Family and friends who come to visit are likely to spill, kids opening presents and playing in the snow are likely to soil. Should your carpet get a dose of the dirty, here...
Winter is right around the corner, and hopefully you did more than just read our post on protecting your home from snow and ice. Here is a checklist that you should follow to get your home ready for the cold winter ahead.

Prepare for the Winter in Fountain

Now is the time to make sure...

Water Damage Prevention Tips

Water damage in a home can be detrimental- affecting the foundation, growing mold, and attracting termites. Prevention is the key, and here are a few of the most common sources of water damage that you should target.

Leaky Pipes

The number one cause of water damage is...

Dehumidifier Reviews from Colorado Springs

We are celebrating dehumidifiers this month, so here is our first of two posts reviewing the best dehumidifiers on the market. If you are looking for a new model, these are the units to consider.

Best Whole House Dehumidifier for Water Damage Prevention