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Your most important asset is the building in which you live and/or conduct business. Unfortunately, fire, flood, earthquakes, tornados, and other natural disasters happen and can cause major damage to your home or business. Buffalo Builders Inc. is a professional property restoration company with two locations in Colorado. We provide emergency restoration in the aftermath of such disasters. We at Buffalo Builders Inc. specialize in disaster recovery and recommend the following tips to help strengthen the survival of your home or business against the elements of nature’s fury.

Fire - An Element that can Consume your Building

To prevent fire from starting in your building, periodically check your electrical wiring for damage. Make sure all your plugs are compatible with the appliances used such as two-pronged versus three. Try not to use ungrounded adapters whenever possible. Keep all your fire alarms in working order. To keep an outside fire away from your building, keep the perimeter clean and free of dry or combustible debris.

Earth - Quakes can Level your Building

Your building should be up to standard  and properly engineered for seismic activity for your area. Have your building checked by a professional. All large and/or tall furniture and fixtures such as bookcases, cabinets, etc. should be properly secured to the structure.

Water - Flooding can Rot your Building

Keep all gutters and property drainage free of debris. After storms, check your runoff drains for blockage. Periodically check your roof and skylights for damage and if found, repair as soon as possible. Have all plumbing checked for corroded pipes and replaced if necessary. A sump pump is a good emergency device to invest in and have available in case of flooding. 

Wind - Enough Force can Blow Away your Building

Your roof and windows are especially vulnerable to wind damage. Installing permanent storm shutters is a valuable asset to your building. They can be quickly shut and locked in the event of an emergency.  Make sure your roof has the proper bracing and sheathing is nailed down securely.

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