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The best way to prevent accidents in your home is being able to identify potential threats and taking the right measures; especially in your kitchen. From all the places in your property, this spot is vulnerable to many unfortunate situations. For this reason at Buffalo Builders Inc. in Colorado, we would like to tell you about some of the actions you shouldn’t forget while you are in this area.  


A simple distraction while you cook can become a fire, that’s why it’s crucial that you never leave the area, as food and oil can ignite very easily; in fact, that is the leading cause of kitchen fires. Also, remember to remove any kitchen linens, bags or flammable item away from the stove. Don’t forget to clean and remove any objects from your kitchen floor to reduce trip hazard. 


Apart from warning your children about the dangers of playing with fire, you should also make the kitchen safer for them. The pot handles should always be directed towards the back of the stove. Also, keep in a safe place lighters, matches and knifes.   

Don’t forget…

Installing smoke detectors in your home is very important, as they will warn you about any threat and give you enough time to react. Having a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in your kitchen is also a great way to suppress small fires. Don’t forget get your stove checked by a professional to handle any leaks that could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  

At Buffalo Builders Inc., our responsive team is always prepared to assess your situation and provide you with a fulfilling solution, which is definitely what you need during those difficult moments. Think about us next time you are looking for fire damage restoration in Northern Colorado. 

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