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It would be reasonable to say that homeowners spend the vast majority of their time keeping the interior of their home looking clean and in pristine condition, with very little time paid to the exterior.

Thinking back to the spring clean you and your family undertook this year, can you remember what type of cleaning you performed on the exterior of your home? How about the garden, do you remember spending much time there? If you can’t, you aren’t alone; Many homeowners spend all of their time on the interior of their home that they forget about the exterior. And while it’s important to keep the exterior of your home looking nice, it’s also a good way to prevent safety problems. To help you understand more, Buffalo Builders, Inc has prepared the following post.


The first place to start may be obvious, but it’s also the best place to start. Not just because the debris caught in your gutters can pose a serious fire risk, but once the rain begins, it can cause blockages and expensive damage. Exercising safety first, always look up to see if there are any dangers or issues which could arise. Once you are sure that it is safe, make your way up your ladder and inspect the condition of your gutters. Start by using your hands to clear away as much debris as possible, ensuring that you return to the ground to move the ladder before climbing back up as you move around your house. If there is any debris remaining which you aren’t able to reach, items like a rake or a broom can be used to dislodge anything which has become stuck. Once you are sure that you have removed all of the debris, use your hose to flush out any remaining items and, if the water runs clear through to the end of your drainpipe then the job is complete.

Outdoor Electricity

It doesn’t matter if you have a small gazebo with a few string lights or a large outdoor entertaining area with a sound system, TV, and even a kitchen complete with outlets, it’s important to keep an eye on the condition of these appliances and cables. While the items you use will have been designed for outdoor use, it doesn’t mean that they are impervious to damage. During the day when the sun is bright, tour your outdoor entertaining space and inspect the condition of your structure, electrical appliances, and any cables and plugs are in good condition and are unaffected by the weather. If you can see any damage, be sure to switch off power to the area at the mains and seek professional advice and repair. If your property has sustained damage, be it from a weather or renovation related incident, it’s important to remember that water damage restoration and structural restoration is not a DIY task. Instead, speak with a water damage restoration expert at Buffalo Builders, Inc. by calling 866 801 8100 and find out how their extensive experience can ensure your home is restored quickly and safely.

Slippery Surfaces

If you are lucky enough to enjoy outdoor entertaining areas such as a decked porch or floored outdoor dining area then you know just how dangerous the space can be, not just at night or when it is raining, but also during the day when conditions are clear. The key, as you will know, is the right type of flooring, preferably non-slip flooring. If any of the flooring of your outdoor entertaining spaces, stairs, or anywhere there is a rail has worn away or is damaged, be sure to section-off the area and repair the surface before you or your guests walk on it again. While it may seem extreme, it takes little more than a shoe becoming caught on loose flooring to cause an injury.

Look Up!

The last tip comes in the form of walking outside and simply looking up. Not at the sky, of course, but at the exterior or your home, any attachments, and nature around it, in an effort to identify potential problems in advance. For example, if there are tree branches which are growing close to power lines, take the time now to trim them back before the weather turns and the task becomes multitudes more difficult.

Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

If your property has sustained damage and you are in need of either structural or water damage restoration in Denver, CO, trust in the professional services of Buffalo Builders, Inc. to return your home to its former glory safely and quickly. To find out more about their experience, speak with an expert today by calling 866 801 8100.