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It's that time again; the annual Spring Clean. And while you might have a regular list of items you do, if you're thinking there might be areas you're missing, this article has the info to help. When it comes to spring cleaning, every homeowner thinks they have the process finely tuned so that they clean every part of the house in as little time as possible. As thorough as you are, however, what if there were spaces you forgot to clean? While you might be thinking "surely not," Buffalo Builders has an article which might just change your mind with some of the most commonly forgotten places to clean.

Let's Start at the Top. Literally.

  1. Do you remember all of those glass cabinet doors that you polished? Don't forget those cabinets are collecting dust on the top of them.
  2. How about the stand-alone closet in one of your children's rooms that you just cleaned out? Don't forget that the top is likely full of dust.
  3. Did you notice how clean and shiny the fridge was after you finished with it? Yep, you guessed it! You forgot to clean the top.
If left to accumulate, dust and debris sitting on the top of your closets, cabinets, and even large appliances can quickly turn into health concerns, especially for anybody in your home with, particularly sensitive allergies.

While You're Looking Up...

  1. Don't forget the fans that keep the air circulating in your home have likely been switched off for a while, leaving them to collect dust.
  2. Your light bulbs are sneakily good at collecting dust.

Now It's Time to Look Down

To your floors, or more importantly, your baseboards. As good as a solid vacuum of your carpets or floorboards is going to be, the act isn't going to get your floor completely clean. For this, you're going to need to get down to your baseboards and give them a wipe with a damp cloth and some gentle cleaning fluid. If you uncover property damage such as water damage or structural issues, it isn't a DIY kind of job. Instead of causing more problems for yourself and your home, call Buffalo Builders at  866 801 8100. Available 24 hours a day, a trained professional can attend your property to provide an assessment and advice how to move forward.


Just because you bought a fancy mattress that can massage you to sleep doesn't mean that you don't need to clean the mattress. Giving your mattress a thorough vacuum once a year is a great way to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and can even be a good preventative against bed bugs and other nasties that make their way into your bed. Inside and out...and under? If you are extremely through then, you remove your clothes from their drawers and clean out any dust. This is a great cleaning practice to adopt. However, it's almost always only done halfway. Once you have finished wiping out the drawers, don't forget to wipe underneath the drawers. If any liquid has made its way into your drawers then underneath each drawer is going to be a telling sign. It only takes an extra few seconds and can be a great mold preventative.


Whether they're up high or on the table, lamps are great at two things; providing light for you and your family, and collecting dust. If there are lamps in your home, be sure to give them a solid but gentle vacuum and cleaning. Don't forget that dust can also collect on the inside of the lampshade and on the bulb, so make sure you pay attention to any and all dust that you can see. Remember that you only get one chance to do it this year, so make sure it's thorough!

Curtains and Blinds

If you thought that your blinds or curtains were maintenance free, think again. While they don't need a lot of work done to them, they will need a good vacuum and potentially a wipe down to remove any leftover dust. When cleaning your curtains and blinds, pay attention to the controllers and any cords, as these can also attract dust.

Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

When it comes to giving your home a thorough clean, you can always uncover something which you wish you hadn't. When those times come, instead of hoping that the problem will just go away, speak with an expert. Call Buffalo Builders today at 866 801 8100 to get your property back together with safe and quality assured work.