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What You Need to Know About Mold

A home is somewhere where we should feel safe and protected and a house is the building that is supposed to help make this happen. However, there can be silent dangers lurking around our home that don´t allow this to happen because they create an environment that places your family´s health in danger. Mold in your home is a very serious problem that may start out as a minor nuisance but can turn into a life-threatening hazard.

What is Mold and Why is it Dangerous?

Mold is fungi that can form in all kinds of places and areas both indoors and outdoors. Mildew is a type of mold that is very common in the home, and especially in shower stalls and bathrooms. Mold grows in filaments and reproduces through the formation of spores. These spores are incredibly resistant and can quickly help mold spread throughout an area. Spores attach themselves to all types of surfaces even fabric and fur. Mold produces mytocoxins which can lead to severe health risks.

Mold is Tough You Need an Expert Profesional in Mold Removal That is Tougher

Mold can actually be present in all kinds of environment and at any season. The fact that it can survive all sorts of conditions and remain dormant until the environment is ideal makes it even harder to eradicate. However, with the help of professionals, it can be eliminated from your home. Since some types of mold can be extremely toxic and dangerous it is important to allow a professional to help you deal with the problem. Contact BUFFALO BUILDERS INC. today and let them help make your home safer.

Signs of Mold and Mildew in Your Home

  • Health signs. Mold growth in your home can lead to all sorts of health complications. Even if mold or mildew is not immediately visible in  in an area of your home you may still have some. If you notice that allergies and allergy signs are spiking this could be an indicator of mold growth. Watery eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing and a runny nose are all signs of allergies. These can be caused by dust and other problems but if they seem to intensify in your home or in a certain area of the house its best to have it looked at because they could indicate mold growth or a high spore count. There are also other side effects of mold growth that can affect your health.  Constant coughing, redness of the eyes, wheezing and rashes are some of the side-effects of exposure to mold and mildew.
  • Odor. Another sign of mold is a musty humid moldy smell that tends to be given off around the area where mold may be growing. Even if you can´t spot the area where mold is growing do not dismiss this predominant sign and make sure you have that inspected and taken care of. Moldy odors are usually more than just the smell, it is also an indication of the spores that are in the air surface. This can cause all sorts of respiratory problems and even more serious health complications.
  • Appearance. The most common sign of mold growth is the actual appearance of a moldy area or one with mildew. These areas usually start out small and appear to be insignificant patches but they spread quickly. Many times a small patch of the mold may actually be a sign of a much larger and greater underlying mold problem that is not all that visible. Different types of mold have a distinguished appearance and although many appear as black spots or white and grayish there are many that can dissimulate behind vinyl wallpaper, appearing pink or orange. There are all types of colors for mold some have a more gray-green color while others are more dark or brown.
  • Water damageWater damage is a big cause for mold growth and facilitates the spreading of mold throughout an area. If there is a leak or any sort of water problem in your home chances are there will also be a mold problem if it´s not taken care of properly. Water stains are the first thing you should look for and the problem should be halted before it becomes a greater nuisance and more complicated issue. Ceilings, walls, and floors should be inspected to determine if there is a clog or broken water pipe that may be the culprit.

Rely on the Experts for Efficient Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal

For all types of water damage or mold remediation call the experts at BUFFALO BUILDERS INC. Dial 866-801-8100 and make sure you take care of the problem today before your family faces the dangerous side-effects.