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There are many tasks with a disaster recovery service can provide, but bringing damaged photos back to life isn’t one of them. Your best defense against damaged photos is preparation.

In the event of serious fire or water damage to your home, expert in the field like Buffalo Builders, Inc. can provide thorough repair services, bringing your home back to its former glory. However, what they can’t do is bring back any photos which have been burned in the fire or damaged by a flood.

Protect Your Family Memories from Fire and Flood Damage

If you have photos around your home and in your private collection, below is a post from Buffalo Builders, Inc. with information on how you can protect these memories with some basic permutation this winter.

Find and Gather

The first place to start is by making your way around your home and your various storage areas to collect all of your photos together. This could include photos hanging on your walls, in your bedroom, in the attic stored away, or even in the basement. Wherever you have photos which you would miss should they become lost, be sure to look there.


Once you are confident you have everything together, the next step is to organize them. The easiest way to do this is by date order, grouping photos together by month and then by year. This way, you can easily pick up where you left off if you get interrupted.

Make Them Digital

There are two options for this stage.
  1. If you don’t have a scanner and aren’t interested in purchasing one, you can take your photos to a local photo or stationery store and have them professionally scanned and stored onto a small USB device.
  2. If you have an old scanner or, perhaps you got a new one for Christmas, now is the perfect time to take it out and start scanning. As you scan your files, be sure to use a consistent file naming methods, such as Month/Day/Year, then add numerals after the title if you have photos taken on the same day. This will be a great help with it comes time to catalog.

In the Cloud or in a Private Storage Space?

You have likely heard the buzzwords ‘in the cloud’ mentioned at some stage, often referring to businesses or even just your personal email. However, cloud storage offers a range of personal storage options for your photos. Look online for a range of storage providers and consider the following:
  • How safe will your photos be?
  • What is the cost of their service?
  • Do you need to pay a recurring subscription or is the payment one-off?
  • Is any software provided to help you manage and upload your photos?
  • Can you easily add new photos to your collection from your computer?
  • Do they offer an app for your phone which automatically adds new photos taken to your collection?
If you have any other concerns or doubts, be sure to clear them up with the provider before employing their services. If you prefer not to use a cloud storage provider, you can just as easily scan your photos on to a small USB device, use the folder system build into your computer’s operating system, and then copy them to the device which you can keep in a safe place. If you choose this option, once your photos are stored away, you’re done and protected! If your home has suffered flooding of fire damage, it’s important for the safety of you and your family that you don’t attempt the water damage restoration work yourself. Instead, leave it to an expert. Call Buffalo Builders, Inc. today at 866 801 8100 and learn about their professional fire and water damage restoration services available.

Up They Go!

When you have chosen your cloud storage provider, be sure to utilize any software they provide as this can make managing your photos and the upload much easier and faster. Using this software can also be beneficial if you are again interrupted or you lost your internet connection and you want to pick up where you left off. Depending on the service you chose, the software or the storage provider themselves can use the file names you chose to automatically catalog your photos, doing much of the hard work and sorting for you.

Ongoing Protection

Once this is completed, in the event of photo-damage, you will have an easily accessible copy which you can download in a range of ways and reprint, as if the photo never left. Of course, as you continue making memories and taking photos, you will want to upload more. If you choose a provider which offers an app for your smartphone, be sure to configure this option so that, as soon you take photos and arrive home to your wifi connection, the app automatically uploads any new photos and keeps them files, stores, and protected, with little to no interaction required by yourself.

Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

With your photos safely backed up, in the event of a fire or a flood, you don’t have to worry about losing your memories. Of course, restoring your home from such damage isn’t as easy as a computer upload, and requires professional services. If you are unlucky enough to suffer from a house fire or severe flooding, speak with an expert at Buffalo Builders, Inc. by calling 866 801 8100 about how their professional water damage restoration services can get your property back on track. Using professional grade equipment and expert knowledge, trust in the services provided by Buffalo Builders, Inc. to restore your home to its former glory quickly and safely.