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From years of providing quality water damage restoration services in Colorado Springs, CO, there's one thing which Buffalo Builders knows - water damage. In fact, a previous post provided some beneficial tips on how to act should you return home to find a flood at your home.

Protecting Your Home Against Water Damage

For this post, Buffalo Builders has an article which takes it one step further, with tips on how you can prevent water damage from occurring in your home.

Don't Let It Get Bigger

One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is to ignore a small leak. Whether it's the dripping of a basement pipe, the slow-to-turn-off bathroom faucet, or the toilet which often needs a jiggle to flush and refill correctly - if it's lumping related and isn't working, fix it now! Situations such as flushing the toilet before you leave, only to have it overflow and flood or a slow leak which can't take the pressure anymore and bursts are all too common. What's worse is that they're also very preventable! Basic first rule - If there's water coming out when it's turned off, fix it!

Secure Your Hoses

In the previous article regarding returning home to find flooding, one of the problems mentioned was where vibrations from a washing machine cycle had caused it to come loose of its hose fittings. This can cause serious damage to your laundry and house as the faucets will keep running. There are a few ways to combat this:
  • Always ensure your hoses are fastened tightly and securely
  • Consider moving the washing machine to a space where it can't move.
  • Install grip-shoes on to the bottom of the washing machine to prevent it moving.
  • If you can't move your washing machine, consider longer hoses which won't be stretched.
If neither of the above work, look for any creative solution which suits your situation and prevents loose pipes. If you're looking for an emergency number to keep with you in the event water damage occurs at your home, write down 866 801 8100. Buffalo Builders are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you deal with any property damage your encounter.

Time to Unclog

Water damage isn't new and is something which home designers have considered with the inclusion of drainage holes in your bathroom and laundry floors. These are there to drain away any leaking water should it occur. However, they can only do their job if they are clear. Every Spring time, make it a task to check and unclog the drains in your home. While you're doing this, it's also a good idea to clean your regular drains to help prevent large blockages and damage.

What's That on the Roof?

All it takes is one cracked tile or a loose shingle to result in serious water damage to your home. While the weather is nice, safely get up to your roof and inspect it for any cracks, leaks, or general damage. While you are inspecting the outside, be sure to get into your attic and make sure it all checks out from the inside, too. If you can see the light coming in, then you have a problem. While you are there, check the condition of your storage boxes, in particular, those which are against the wall of your attic. If you see any signs of mold then it's a sign there might be a leak which you can't see.

Don't Forget Your Gutters

Of course, your roof isn't the only item which requires a ladder. Use the nice weather to clear out your gutters and make sure they're flowing clearly. Leaves and environmental debris can quickly accumulate in your gutters. When the rain eventually does come, your guttering system isn't able to perform its job, leading to potential water damage at your property. Once you have cleared your gutters, get your hose and make sure that the system is running without blockages, as it would in the event that a storm was to hit.

Who Do You Call When You Need Reliable Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO?

Keeping your home protected against common causes of water damage isn't an impossible task, and it only takes a short amount of time. While you have the weather on your side, take these tips and give your home a water-damage audit. When you're making your emergency list card, be sure to add 866 801 8100. That's the 24-hour number for Buffalo Builders, who can attend your site and provide timely and professional advice on how they can get your property back up and running.