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Buffalo Builders can provide a full range of services in the event that your property has sustained water damage. From emergency attendance and assessment, right through to thorough and safe emergency water damage restoration services. Combined, these services can help you to recover your home and get your life back on track. However, there is one service which Buffalo Builders can't provide - recovery of your photos which have been lost to water damage.

How to Protect Your Memories From Water Damage

To help you prevent your photos from becoming damaged in the event of water, fire, or any other type of event which can occur, Buffalo Builders has prepared an easy to follow guide to how you can use technology to keep these safe.

Utilize the Cloud

The 'cloud' has become a heavily used buzz word when talking about how businesses can improve the service they provide. However, it has just as much practical use at a consumer level.

Locate and Digitize

To start, you will need to locate and collate all of the photos that you have throughout your home. Don't limit these to just your favorites that are hanging on the wall. Instead, look through your attic and any safe storage spaces where you keep any and all photos. Once you have these, the next step is to scan them. You can do this by utilizing your own personal computer scanner, or if you are limited for time or simply don't have a scanner at home, your local printing store can scan your photos for you and provide them to you on a small USB storage stick.

Choose Your Provider

There are numerous cloud storage services which provide specific services which have been designed to keep your photos safe. When researching your options, these are the most important aspects to consider:
  • How secure are your photos?
  • What type of redundancies does the service have?
  • How and where can you obtain a copy of your photos?
  • What software do they offer to assist you in uploading your first batch?
  • Do they offer interactive software to help you arrange your photos?
  • What services do they offer to help you keep new photos protected?
The last point is useful if you take photos using your cell-phone. Many cloud storage services will offer a complimentary cell phone app which can upload any new photos you take when you return home and on your wi-fi network.


Once you have chosen the storage service that is applicable to you, utilize their provided software to upload your files. If you chose a provider which offers organizational software, you can, at your own pace, begin to arrange your uploaded photos into categories. That's it! Your photos are now digitally stored in the cloud and your memories are protected in the event that your original photos are destroyed or damaged. If your home has sustained damage and you require water damage restoration services, speak with Buffalo Builders at 866 801 8100 and talk to a professional about attending your home. Leaders in the field of water damage restoration, Buffalo Builders can assess, quote, and repair any and all property damage in a timely, safe, and thorough manner.

Physical Digital Storage

Of course, online storage is not an option that appeals to everybody. Some people prefer to keep their photos away from the internet and would like more tangible access to their saved photos. If you prefer an offline storage solution, we have an option below. With your photos digitized from the first step, your first task is to organize your photos and files into individual folders. Again, your home computer's file system can help you with this, or you can download dedicated software for the task. Once you have your photos and files organized, resist the temptation to copy them all onto one physical device. Instead, purchase a set of small USB drives and split your folders amongst there. This important step is to protect as many files as possible in the event that one of your storage devices fails. These small drives should be placed in an easy-to-access place around your home where you can quickly grab them as you and your family evacuate. To add an additional layer of assurance, duplicate each of your storage devices and give them to a trusted family member or place them in a safe deposit box. In the event that you are not home when disaster strikes and your first set are affected by property damage, this extra copy will be a great benefit.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Cimarron Hills

Both the cloud storage and physical digital media storage options mentioned above are great ways to help you protect your photos in the event that disaster strikes. However, they won't be able to help you recover your home in the event of a disaster. For this task, speak with Buffalo Builders at 866 801 8100 and ask about the range of emergency water damage restoration services available. Experts in the field of property and water damage restoration, Buffalo Builders can ensure your property is returned to its previous state safely, quickly, and professionally.