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Keeping mold out of your home during the warmer months can seem like a hard enough task, during the winter, however, it can seem almost impossible. During the summer months, keeping mold at bay can often be as simple as opening up the right windows and doors to encourage air flow through your hair, removing excess humidity. When the cold weather sets in, however, it's a different story.

How to Keep Mold out of Your Carpet During the Wet Season

If you love the idea of not having mold in your home but don't love the idea of opening up your entire home to the winter climate, Buffalo Builders - Restoration Contractor has some tips which can help.

Keep the Outside, Outside

While many homeowners don’t like the idea of asking their guests or residents to leave their shoes at the door as they enter their home, the truth of the situation is that it is the best and easiest way to stop water from making its way inside your home where it can cause mold damage. If you do decide to take on this tip, be sure that you have a secure space outside where your guests can leave their shoes. If you plan to allow your guests to enter your home but leave their shoes in your entrance way, consider using a plastic mat or a heavy-duty rug to catch any debris and help protect your carpet.

A Coat Rack

Apart from being convenient, a coat rack is a great way to prevent mold growth in your home. How? When you think about how people enter your home from the cold and wet weather outside, the first thing that they do is take off all of their cold and wet clothes and throw them on the floor as fast as they can. Sure, they will then pick them up and take them to their room or hang them over the stair banister, but by this time the damage has already been done. The water has already dripped (or sometimes streamed!) off the clothes and into your carpets. Similar to the tip above about the shoe rack indoors, when using a coat rack during the wet season, be sure to use a plastic mat or some type of rug to place underneath and protect your carpet. If you have identified mold growth on your carpet or anywhere else in your home it's important that you don't' attempt o remove it yourself as you could mate the situation worse. Instead, speak with an expert at Buffalo Builders - Restoration Contractor by calling 866 801 8100 and find out how their professional mold removal services can help.


If there is one room which sees more use during the colder months, it’s your laundry. Why? Not because you do more washing, but because you do more drying! After all, there is no benefit to hanging your clothes outside in the rain! And while it may be a great convenience, it’s also a great way to raise the humidity in your home. Instead of enjoying the tropical feel inside your home during these cold months, consider opening a window or a door close to your dryer each time that you use it to allow the excess moisture to leave your home. Why don’t you want your dryer to warm up your home? Because the moisture in the air doesn’t float around forever, it will eventually settle, and when it does you can bet that it will be on your carpet where it can cause mold growth.


Okay, in reality, it’s more likely that your bathroom is the room which sees more use during the colder months. Largely because your showers are likely to be much longer and significantly hotter. Sure, it’s a great way to start your morning with a nice long hot shower, but the steam which exits with you as you open the door and leave the bathroom is nothing more than air and moisture, and similar to the tip with your laundry, you can bet that it is going to end up in your carpet. If possible, try to shower with a window open to allow as much steam to leave as you shower. If it’s simply too cold, consider opening the window once you are out of the shower and preparing to leave to allow as much of the steam to exit the house as possible before you pretend that you are in a 1980’s music video with steam rising behind you as you open the bathroom door.

Profesional Mold Removal in Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to removing mold safely and thoroughly, you can't go past a professional. Speak with Buffalo Builders - Restoration Contractor today at 866 801 8100 to learn more about their mold removal services and how their trained staff can return your home to the mold-free place it once was.