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Are you constantly fighting mold in your home? Find tips here on how you can prevent mold growth in your home and information on mold removal in Denver, CO professionals who can help when it gets out of hand. It can seem like the impossible task; keeping your home free of mold and the health problems which come with it. Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you seem to try; it just keeps coming back.

Preventing Mold From Growing Inside Your Home

If this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place. Buffalo Builders has a post to share with tips on how you can beat the cycle and keep your home mold free.

Let There Be Light...and Air!

The #1 way to prevent mold from growing in your home is to open your house up and promote flowing air and natural light. If you have curtains, open them up! Windows? Slide them open! How about a ceiling fan? Get it spinning! Anything you can do to keep fresh air and sunlight in your home will help. A note when working with curtains - mold can grow on the backing of curtains where it doesn't receive sunlight from the window. During your thorough cleaning routine, be sure to remove your curtains and check for any mold growth, and potentially give them a clean.

Exhaust Maintenance

Exhaust fans are great when they work. And they can only work if they provide sufficient maintenance. This doesn't mean pulling them apart, just keeping them clean and in good shape. Every three months, be sure to clean out your steam exhaust vents from high-risk areas such as your bathroom, laundry, and kitchen. Of course, you shouldn't leave all of the work to your exhaust fan. When possible, open up your kitchen or adjacent window to let out any excess steam that comes from your cooking. It all helps to keep moisture in your home down.

Check for Leaks

If you notice recurring mold but can't fathom how it is growing, consider a water leak. Either in your roof or your walls. The smallest leak can cause water to pool and promote mold growth.
  • Check your roof to make sure there are no missing tiles or sheets which are letting water in.
  • Next up, check your attic to double check for any leaks.
If you need mold removal in Colorado Springs, CO, speak with somebody who knows the business. Call a professional at Buffalo Builders today at 866 801 8100. With extensive experience helping property owners like yourself remove mold from their property, they are the best people to speak with.

Clean up That Spill!

It doesn't take much for mold growth to start. Especially when it goes unnoticed and left, which is often the case when a drink is spilled on your carpet or against a wall. If these spills aren't cleaned up from your carpet quickly and thoroughly, then they create the perfect environment for mold growth. The biggest concern with mold growth in the carpet is that it can grow quickly, it can grow unnoticed, and is often hard to detect without lifting up a lot of your carpet. If you see a spill occur on your carpet, be sure to clean and dry it thoroughly. This doesn't mean that you need to stand there for an hour with your hair dryer, but it does mean spending five minutes pressing down on a paper towel until you are satisfied that all remaining liquid has been absorbed.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

If there is just too much humidity in your home, consider a dehumidifier to help keep it to a minimum. While they can't perform magic and turn your house into a spring wonderland, they can help to remove excess moisture from the air.

Educate Your Residents

If you have a partner or children living in the home, educate them on these tips and on the ways which they can contribute to preventing mold from growing in your home. After all, they have to live with it too. Small tips like leaving the bathroom door open after a shower or always opening a window when you cook are easy to adapt and are great for mold prevention.

Buffalo Builders Are the Best People to Call When It Comes to Mold Removal in Colorado Springs, CO

If you have discovered mold in your home that is too large to remove yourself, don't worry, help is at hand. Buffalo Builders provide high-quality mold removal in Colorado Springs, CO. Call them today at 866 801 8100 to ask about how their experience and expertise can rid your home of mold.