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While it's true that the weather in Teller County isn't what we would consider ideal, it's well on its way, and it's clear that Winter is a season of the past. And as the sun begins to show it's face again, homeowners around Teller County, just like yourself, are organizing their annual Spring Clean.

Protect Your Home for the Year Ahead With These Home Maintenance Tips

While you consider which items to give away and which items you will keep in storage, along with finally ticking off the tasks on your 'I'll do that another time' list, Buffalo Builders - Restoration Contractor has a few home maintenance tips for you to consider.

Did You Stop the Beep Throughout the Year?

Every homeowner knows the benefits which smoke and fire detectors provide, however, when these detectors run out of battery and begin the constant beeping noises, their batteries are often removed instead of replaced simply because there aren't any fresh batteries in the home. If this sounds too familiar, or you are looking for a better solution, take the time your Spring Clean provides to change all of the batteries in these devices. While you're at it, pick up a fresh secondary set for next year so that you're always ready.

Clean Your Gutters

While you were in your home staying warm and comfortable, nature outside was susceptible to the cold weather which left many leaves and foliage to drift with the wind, many of them ending up in your gutters. If left to accumulate, it blocks the ability for your guttering system to keep water moving off your roof which can lead to your roof collapsing. With your ladder in hand, safely inspect and clear out your guttering system. Once it looks clear, run water through the system and ensure it flows out the end without disruption. If you have inspected and cleared your guttering system only to find that damage has already been caused, repairing it isn't a job which you can do by yourself. Don't risk injury to yourself or further damage to your home and speak with an expert. Call Buffalo Builders - Restoration Contractor at 866 801 8100 and request an expert attend and inspect your roof.

Inspect Your Fuse Box

If you don't remember the last time you looked inside your home's fuse box then now is the time. While you aren't likely to find too much occurring inside, checking on the condition of your fuse box is a good preventative measure when it comes to home and electrical safety. If you notice that any water has made its way into your fuse box of they are looking damaged, it's important that you don't attempt to fix the problem yourself and that you call a qualified electrician to attend and inspect.

Wash the Dishwasher

Your dishwasher does a great job throughout the year at keeping your dishes clean, but have you ever thought about where all the leftover food scraps go? Tak some time to clean out the filter inside your dishwasher along with giving it a general inspection. If left unattended, the pipes can become clogged and lead to your dishwasher flooding your kitchen floor. While this may not seem too extreme, it provides the perfect space for somebody who isn't looking to fall over.

Check Your Attic

It's likely that you will be spending a lot of time in your attic during your Spring Clean as you make the most of the space you have available. While you're up there, take some time to inspect the storage boxes already there and ensure they aren't damp, and there is no mold growing. These are two of the biggest signs that there is a leak in your attic. When left unattended, a leak in your attic can affect the structure of your home and often result in the need for extensive repair work to be completed in the future. If addition to this, mold loves nothing more than to grow in dark and damp environments, and very quickly, leading to a reduction in the air quality throughout your home.

Safe and Reputable Water Damage Restoration in Teller County

If you notice the above signs that there is a leak in your attic, don't ignore it as the problem is only going to get worse, leading to damage to the structure of your home through ongoing water damage. Speak with an expert on mold removal in Teller County by calling Buffalo Builders - Restoration Contractor at 866 801 8100. Leaders in the field of water damage restoration in Teller County, trust that Buffalo Builders - Restoration Contractor can ensure a thorough and professional service to restore any damage in your home.