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Your New Year’s resolutions are unlikely to include ‘keep my home in excellent condition’ as it’s an issue that is so often forgotten. Just a few simple steps can help avoid little issues developing into major problems and can save you money and effort in the long term, so follow this guide courtesy of Buffalo Builders, Inc. in Colorado Springs to stay on top of everything in 2015.

Check your roof

Your roof is your home’s first defense against rain and wind, and a damaged roof can lead to leaks and water damage, not to mention that repairing a badly-damaged roof can be very expensive. Dealing with missing, damaged or twisted shingles swiftly is cheap and simple and can avoid any major problems developing, so be sure to take a good look at the state of your roof.

Clean your gutters

While you’re checking your roof, take the opportunity to clean your gutters. Fallen leaves and debris can cause your gutters to leak which can, again, cause water damage, so simply clean them out and check your downspouts are free of blockages too. If you find a blockage you should be able to clear it by simply spraying your hose down the affected spout.

Check your smoke detectors

It’s of paramount importance that you check your smoke detectors at least once every two months to ensure they are functioning properly and will help keep your family safe in case of an emergency. Simply press the test button on each alarm. If one doesn’t sound, replace the batteries and try again; replace any alarm that still doesn’t function. Then, extinguish a couple of matches under each alarm to check that they detect the smoke and are set off. Again, replace any that don’t. If your alarms are over ten years old, it’s recommended that you replace them even if they appear to be functioning adequately.

Inspect for leaks

Periodically checking your property for leaks means you are more likely to catch them when they are minor and easy to fix and thus avoid any bigger issues. Check spaces that you don’t regularly use such as your basement, crawlspace, or attic, and check for signs of damp on walls and ceilings; a tell-tale sign of leaks in plumbing hidden behind walls and under floors. Fix any problems you encounter before they develop.

Inspect your air conditioning

Air conditioning units can get clogged up with dust, making it more difficult for them to perform their function and forcing them to use more power to perform the same job. This means higher utility bills that can be avoided simply by cleaning your central air conditioning unit’s filters and vents.

Check your caulking and weather-stripping

Similarly, caulk and weather-stripping deteriorate over time and become markedly less effective. Check that there aren’t draughts coming through your window and door frames and, if there are, re-apply caulk or replace your weather stripping to help keep your home insulated and your utility bills low.

It’s been mentioned a number of times, but it’s impossible to overstate how important it is to avoid water damage if you want to dodge expensive repairs and hassle. If, however, your home is damaged by water, fire or smoke, call Buffalo Builders, Inc. for professional property restoration in Colorado Springs. Call (866) 801-8100 to find out more about our services.