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With summer just a memory, now is a good time to start preparing for the cold weather ahead. Keep reading for some fall maintenance tips.

Summer is arguably the most favored time of the year. Unfortunately, it can often be hard to let it go once the season comes to an end, leaving many homeowners to stay in vacation mode until the cold winter weather shakes them out of it. Unfortunately, by this time, it’s a little too late to prepare your home.

Prepare Your Home for the Cold This Fall

Instead of ignoring the fact that cold weather is coming, take on the below tips from Buffalo Builders, Inc. and get your home ready for the cold fall weather and the even colder winter months.

Clear out Your Gutters

Summer doesn’t bring with it much rain, which can lead the majority of homeowners to completely forget about their gutters and downpipes. That is until the wet weather starts and they realize that their guttering system has become blocked during the summer months. By this stage, the task is much more difficult than it needs to be. Before you let it get to this point, take some time this fall to safely climb up to your gutters and clear them out. Once you have removed any debris, get your hose and run some water through the system. If it flows freely into your catchment then you’re ready for the rain. If not, get out the tools, find the blockage, and start fixing it. A small amount of time now will save you a lot of time in the future.

Care for Your BBQ

If you bought a new BBQ this summer or you got the old one out of storage, it’s important to remember to give it a solid clean in the fall and store it away, given that you aren’t likely to use it very often until the weather warms up again. This will include using purpose designed cleaning soap, hard scrubbing tools, and wiping down your hoses, switches, and knobs. Once this is done, be sure to give your whole BBQ a good dry so that water doesn’t linger and cause corrosion or mold. Once it is washed and dry, be sure to cover it with a waterproof cover and, if possible, store it away out of the elements, like in your garden shed or your garage. If, when performing your fall maintenance, you notice damage to your home, Buffalo Builders, Inc. can help. Call today at 866 801 8100 to learn about their range of professional services, including restoration of damage caused by fire, water, and even mold.


The small space underneath your doors can be a nice way to let in a breeze during summer and can help to clear out stuffy air. However, when it’s no longer warm air flowing and the wind starts to get a bite to it, these spaces are going to not only make your home cold but work against any heating you use. Tour your home and consider what you will do with all of these spaces. You can use temporary or permanent measures such as attaching a range of rubber seals and strips, right through to classic door-snakes which you can easily move when needed.

Speaking of Heating

Here is what the majority of homeowners do: They leave their heating turned off until they absolutely need it when the weather turns cold. Unfortunately, this is the time when they also find out that something is broken and it needs to be serviced. The challenge is, with everybody doing this at the same time, the cost of repairs goes up and the likelihood of getting somebody to come to your home goes down. Instead, get ahead of the game this year and test out any and all of your heating units. If any of them don’t seem to be working, call a repair person now while the prices are reasonable and their availability is open.

Cracks and Creaks

When temperatures change, your house can shift. Not so much that you need to change your address, but small amounts which can lead to creaking doors and sticking windows. Look around your home and check if any of your doors and windows are showing signs that their foundations are moving, such as a door which won’t close or a window which needs a muscle-bound body-builder to open it. Often, it’s just a simple matter of adjusting a hinge or shaving off a small amount from a window pane.

The Best Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

If water or flooding has caused damage to your home, it’s important to get the restoration done correctly. If you attempt the work yourself, you risk making matters worse and not doing the job adequately, causing serious safety concerns. Instead, speak with a friendly professional at Buffalo Builders, Inc. by calling 866 801 8100 to arrange a convenient inspection time and ask for their advice and guidance. Leaders in the field of water damage restoration and mold removal, trust in their experience and advice to get your home back up to scratch quickly, thoroughly, and more importantly, safely.