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It isn’t an appealing thought; returning home from work or vacation to find that a burst pipe or an overflowing appliance has caused flooding in your home. However, like all home emergencies, the best way to prepare is to prepare! How, and how quickly, you act when returning home to find such damage can determine the level of loss you incur along with the restoration outlook.

How to Act and Who to Call When Flooding Strikes Your Home

With this in mind, BBI Buffalo Builders has an article to share with first action steps you can take should you arrive home to find such an emergency or disaster.

Your Safety Is Always Paramount

Every good guide starts with safety information, and this article is no exception. Despite what your instincts might tell you as soon as you open the door and see your floor covered in water and your personal objects floating around, don’t enter your property! Instead, make your way to your mains (providing they are on the outside of your home), including water, gas, and electricity, and turn everything off. While it may seem extreme to shut everything off, there is no reason to take any risks.

Once the Mains Have Been Turned off, It's Time to Assess Your Situation.

Take a step back if you need to and look around the affected area for signs of potential dangers, such as:
  • Any electrical sockets which may now be in contact with water
  • Look at the furniture against your walls and assess whether they are at risk of falling as you move through the affected area
  • Look to the ceiling; if there is any water seeping through or you can see that water has affected the area above you, take extreme caution. The weight of the water could cause the ceiling to collapse.
  • If you can see the floor, look for any instances where you could lose traction while walking through, causing you to slip and fall.

Call a Professional!

If your home has experienced water damage, no matter how big or small, the restoration work is not a DIY job. Once you are certain the area is safe, call BBI Buffalo Builders immediately at 866 801 8100 and request their attendance to assess your situation. Professionals such as BBI Buffalo Builders have extensive experience providing quality water damage restoration services and are the best people to speak with in these instances.

Only When You Are Certain It Is Safe, Identify the Cause of the Leak

If a leak has occurred, it is likely that you will have an idea as to where it is coming from. Often, it is the result of a smaller leak which has been ignored, or a ‘problem toilet’ which you have put up with because it hasn’t caused you too much trouble in the past. If you aren’t sure where to start, below are some of the more common reasons for water damage in your home:
  • Given the frequency of its use, your kitchen faucet is first on the list. Something as simple as a worn out washer or a corroded pipe can easily cause this appliance to leak.
  • As mentioned above, your toilet is also a likely culprit. This is especially true in instances where the homeowner has become so used to hearing the toilet continuously running that they don’t even hear the sound anymore.
  • Given that your laundry appliances are connected to an ‘always on’ faucet, washer damage or even a loosened connection caused by the movements of the washing machine can result in a leak.
  • If you can’t find a problem with any of the three listed above, take a safe tour of your home and listen out for any dripping or creaking sounds.

Time for Repair

While a professional can take care of the damage, the actual cause of the leak may be small and something which you can complete at home. Items such a worn or faulty washer are examples of repair work which you can likely complete yourself. However, as the first point states, only complete this repair work if safe to do so. If the cause of the leak is an item like a broken toilet which has overflowed or burst pipes inside your wall which have begun to leak, these repairs will require the services of a professional.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to quality water damage restoration work, the best people to call are BBI Buffalo Builders. Speak with a professional by calling 866 801 8100 and ask about the range of high-quality water damage restoration services they can provide to get you and your home back on track.