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As of the last few years, Colorado has experienced some devastating wildfires, responsible for destroying countless homes and damaging hundreds of others. This year, our experts at Buffalo Builders in Colorado Springs want to help ready you and your home in case of another violent summer.

Be Ready Early

If you live in a fire danger zone, give your house the best chance of survival by having a fire ready property. 
  • Clear all the dead vegetation away from the area early in the spring, and do a final walk through when everything is dried out in the summer. 
  • Build a break zone at the edge of your property to slow the fire and give the emergency responders a chance to put it out before it reaches your house. 
  • Maintain property through summer to remove dry grass, and water the necessary areas regularly.

Have Supplies Ready to Evacuate

If your area is determined as high risk, it will likely be evacuated, sometimes on very short notice. In this scenario, you need to have a bag of essentials ready to go at a moment’s notice. This bag should be small enough to easily carry but also contain important things like a form of identification for each member of the family and medications. Also, have a checklist of other things to grab if you have time and prioritize with the most important things at the top. 

Get a Fire Safe

If you are unfortunate enough to have your house destroyed, you don’t want to lose absolutely everything. Keep your most important possessions and documents in a fireproof safe. You likely won’t be able to take them with you in an evacuation, so for high risk homes, it is worth the investment to install a fire safe. 

If your house is affected by wildfires or a house fire accident, call emergency response immediately. If you need fire restoration services in Colorado Springs call our team today at 719-578-8100 to take care of all your property restoration needs.