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With Summer behind us, it is now time to enjoy the cool down as the weather makes its way into winter. Of course, by the time this has occurred, the last thing that you will want to do is spend time outdoors making repairs when you could be inside by the heater.

Make the Most of the Current Season and Prepare Your Home for Winter

To help you get started on maintaining your home and preparing it for colder weather, Buffalo Builders has some simple fall maintenance tips to include on your ever-increasing to-do list.

Get Your Mind in the Gutter

The last thing that you want to do is try to clear out the gutters once rain, or even snow, takes hold and makes it a dreaded task. Use the remaining sunshine to give your gutters a thorough clean and inspection. When performing this clean, it's important that you do a thorough job while you're up on the ladder. If there is any debris which has become stubborn to move, resist leaving it be and put in the extra effort to remove it. Even if this means a little extra elbow grease. If you identify a problem which you can't repair yourself, such as a hole or crack, now is the time to have it fixed by a professional. By the time rain starts it will be almost impossible to get a booking for a service or repair person.

While You're up There

If rain and snow do occur, your roof is going to be the first and best defense. Take the time to safely and thoroughly inspect the quality of your roof. Be sure to pay attention to any broken or missing tiles or shingles, along with ensuring bolts and screws which are holding on any roof additions are still tight and holding. Similar to the point above, if you notice any damage, now is the time to speak with a professional and have it fixed. If your property has sustained damage, speak with a professional at Buffalo Builders by calling 866 801 8100. Experts in the field of property restoration and water damage, the team at Buffalo Builders can provide high-quality repair work and immediate attendance and assessment.

Test Your Home Alert Detectors

There is never a bad time to test your smoke detectors, and this includes any additional home sensors you may have. If, while you are checking the batteries, you notice any of your devices have seen better days, take the opportunity to replace them with newer models. While you are shopping, don't just get a straight replacement. Take some time to take a look at the new options available which may provide additional safety and security for you and your home.

Head Outdoors

If you have any garden or yard irrigation, now is the perfect time to give them an inspection and make sure water is flowing freely. In the event of heavy rain, your lawn and garden can only absorb so much, so a working irrigation system is important to prevent flooding and potential damage to the foundation of your home. If your lawn has a gradient which directs water towards your home, consider pulling it up and changing it to encourage water flow away from your home. If this isn't an option, a drainage trench where your lawn meets your home can be a good way to direct water away from your home and foundations.

Seal It Up!

The last thing that you want is to be sitting in your home, trying to stay warm and get comfortable, and there is a cold breeze coming through. Such a big annoyance can be fixed with a small fix like sealing tape or fluid. Check all of the windows in your home for any leaks or cracks. When checking your windows, don't forget the basement and the attic. Cold air flowing through these areas can wreak havoc with climate control systems and potentially lead to an increase in your energy bills.

Get Ready to Be Warm

The worst time to call a repair person to fix your heater or heating system is in the middle of cold weather when everybody else is trying. This fall, inspect the condition of your heating system and, if needed, organize repair sooner rather than later, as later may either be unavailable, or very expensive.

High-Quality Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

If your property has sustained damage or any sort and you want to ensure it is repaired thoroughly and to the highest standard, speak with Buffalo Builders by calling 866 801 8100 and ask about immediate attendance and assessment.