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Maintenance Projects for Your Home

As the weather starts to heat up, it's a good idea to take care of simple maintenance projects around your home. Seasonal changes require that you update and clean areas of your home that can be affected by extreme weather. Make sure your home is looking its best and is ready to take on the summer heat safely. Here at Buffalo Builders in Colorado Springs, we have some tips to help get your summer maintenance organized and done.

Interior Home Projects

  1. Make sure your air conditioning system is in good shape and ready to be used. Since the summer months tend to be hot, your air conditioning system should be regularly cleaned throughout the summer. Before you begin to use it, make sure to clean out the filters to get the most energy efficient service. If your air conditioner hasn't been used in a long time, get a professional service to inspect it and make sure it's ready to take on the heat.
  2. It is very important that you check your smoke detectors and replace batteries wherever necessary. Even if your area isn't prone to fires, smoke detectors should be checked with every seasonal change. Smoke detectors are essential in keeping your family safe should an unexpected emergency arise. Be sure to check out some useful tips to help prepare your family for fire season.
  3. Clean your windows from the inside and make sure to also wash the screens. Remove the window screens and gently rub them down with soapy water. This will help your windows shine even brighter from the inside.

Exterior Projects

  1. To make sure your windows are at their absolute best, don't stop at the interior cleaning. Be sure to wash them down from outside as well. If the spring weather left them too dirty, skip the window cleaner and instead use some warm, soapy water to get them clean.
  2. Check your hoses for any leaks. Remember that even a small leak can add up over time. If your garden hose has a small leak, this can be fixed with electrical tape or garden hose tape. Inspect your washing machine, toilet and refrigerator for leaks as well.
  3. Get out your pressure washer and get ready to wash away all the dirt left behind by the previous seasons. Make sure you wash the patio, the driveway and the deck to get your home ready to host some fun summer barbecues.

Home Restoration in Colorado Springs

These tips are simple do-it-yourself solutions, but for larger remodeling projects in your home and restoration in the Colorado Springs be sure to contact Buffalo Builders at (719) 578- 8100 and ask about all of the services we provide.