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At Buffalo Builders in Colorado Springs, we know what natural disasters can do to a building, but how can you keep your family safe in the event of one? Below are a few tips to help you and your family be prepared if something should happen.

Emergency Supply Kit

Help may not be available in the first few days of a disaster so having an emergency supply kit is very important to keep and maintain before a disaster strikes. Having this kit available when it does, will make sure that your family can be self-sufficient while sheltering-in-place.

List of Kit Components

Your whole family should be involved in putting together the emergency supply kit. The kit should be in a water-tight container and include:
  • Water - (very important!) At least one gallon of water per person per day, to last three or more days, for both drinking and sanitation.
  • Food - The non-perishable kind. A three or more day supply  for the entire family. Don’t forget the can opener!
  • Radio - Battery powered with extra batteries. This will keep you informed of the status of the disaster and whether you will be evacuated.
  • Flashlights - A couple of them, with extra batteries.
  • Copies of important documents such as drivers license or ID, medical prescriptions, house deed, etc. 
  • A first Aid Kit - (Duh!) 
  • Small but Important - A whistle, plastic sheeting, duct tape, dust masks, garbage bags, local maps, cell phones, mylar blankets, extra clothing and shoes for your whole family.
You will each need a GO bag prepared in advance. These are smaller, portable emergency supply kits in the event of an evacuation. Each member should think about what they will personally need, and if the kit becomes impractically big, they need to think of what they will NOT need.

Buffalo Builders has two locations to help clean up and restore your home in the aftermath of a disaster here in Colorado: Our 24 hour emergency line:866 801 8100. Northern Colorado: 970 330 8855, and Colorado Springs: 719 578 8100.