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If you have a remodeling or construction project coming up, you don't want to miss up reading this post about the safety measures you should take to ensure your home is protected. Learn more in this post by Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO.

When it comes to remodeling projects, the main focus tends to go on how the finished product will look like but have you thought about what happens along the process? There are some safety measures you should take to ensure your house and valuables stay safe. Learn more by reading this article that Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO, has for you today.

Don't Forget to Keep Your Countertops Protected

In remodeling and construction projects, any surface tends to end up being used as a work surface. When it comes to countertops, you want to ensure to protect them to prevent any tool or chemical from causing damage. You can easily protect your countertops by placing cardboard covers over them and securing the cardboard with tape. This will ensure your countertop is scratch and nicks free.


Speak with your contractor and ask about their crew's cleaning regimen. You want to ensure that every work area gets cleaned up and organized after each workday. This will ensure your home is as clean and protected as possible and will allow you to see if there are any small damages along your house. When doing clean-ups, ask your contractor to notify you about discoveries they make along the way. It is common in construction projects to find mold or mildew around the home caused by humidity. If you happen to find mold, don't hesitate and hire a professional restoration service. Speak a professional at Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO, and ask about their mold removal service. For more information, call 866 801 8100 today!

Protect Your Corners

Your home will have a constant flow of people and construction material being moved around. This can naturally lead to your corners and walls getting bumps and chips. To prevent this from happening, place cardboard strips around your corners. Make sure to secure them with painter's tape. Don't forget to also place larger pieces of cardboard on walls of your house that are on high traffic areas. This will protect your paint job and the integrity of your walls.

Protect Your Home from Fires

Remodeling projects mean your house will be filled with combustible materials as well as electrical wiring. Taking preventive measures is crucial to avoid dangerous situations that could be detrimental to your property. Here are a few safety measures you should consider:
  • Install fire alarms around the house, especially on the construction site.
  • Make sure to place fire extinguishers around the house and throughout the worksite.
  • Speak with your contractor and come up with a safety plan to ensure everybody is safe at all times

In case of your home suffering any damage due to fire, don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO. Learn about their fire damage restoring services and bout other services like water damage restoration that can come in handy to ensure you have success on your project.


Isolate Areas of Your House

If you are only planning or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, make sure to speak with your contractor and figure out how you can isolate those areas to prevent the rest of your house from getting dirt and dust. This could mean placing plastic sheetings over the doors or temporary plastic flaps to divide the spaces.

Cover up Your Air Ducts

Covering up your air ducts will ensure dust and dirt doesn't spread around your house. Start by turning off your heating/cooling system and follow up by sealing every air duct with a plastic cover and tape. This will ensure your home is clean and will prevent dust from piling up in your air ducts, which can be really challenging to clean up.

Think about Your Valuables

Having a whole team of people working on your house means having a constant flow of strangers around all spaces. To ensure all your valuables stay safe, designate a room in your house where you can keep your most prized possessions behind locked doors. If this is not an option, consider renting out a storage garage or asking a family member to store your valuables for the time being.

Ensure Your Remodeling Project Has Success with the Help of the Professionals at Buffalo Builders

Every remodeling project has its dangers, so it's crucial that you are informed of all services that can help you get your house to be in perfect condition. Speak with a professional at Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO, and learn about their amazing services, including water damage restoration. For more information, call 866 801 8100 today!