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Have you noticed any leaks in your home? Are there any weir mold spots? These are issues you shouldn’t overlook. There are a few common reasons that can cause your pipes to leak or even rupture. Read this port by Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO, and learn what to look for to ensure your pipes are safe and secure.

There are a lot of reasons that can causes pipes to rupture, and as much as you might think this is a problem you will never face, broken pipes occur in households more often than you may think. It’s better to ensure you are aware of what may cause this problem and take preventive measures to prevent issues like water damage from happening in your household. Learn more about what causes pipes to brake in this article by Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO.

Common Causes of Broken Pipes


When it comes to broken pipes, freezing is definitely one of the most common causes. In winter or in places with extreme cold temperates, pipes can quickly freeze and rupture. Ice has more volume than water, so the pressure inside a pipe can increase when water freezes, causing ruptures. Especially for pipes that are in hidden or hard to reach areas, freezing can happen due to lack of proper insulation. It’s important to remember to properly insulate your pipes by adding foam sleeves or other materials that can help your pipes stay away from the extreme temperatures.

If your house has sustained any water damage due to your pipes leaking or rupturing, get in contact with the professionals at Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO. Learn about their water damage restoration services by calling 866 801 8100 today.

Water Pressure Issues

Regulating your water pressure is essential to keep your pipes in a good state. Having water pressure issues or high water pressure can cause your pipes to weaken and eventually form leaks. It may be a good idea to learn the pressure your pipes can withstand to ensure you are not putting your pipes trough too much. As pressure increases, your pipes may not be able to contain it, causing them to rupture, putting you in danger of water damage.


All pipes, as time passes, slowly start building corrosion on the inside. Depending on your weather conditions as well as the properties of your water, corrosion can develop faster than usual. When corrosion builds inside a pipe, the diameter of the pipe starts to become narrow, causing water to have a harder time getting trough. Corrosion can also eat away parts of your pipes. If your home is older, there is a higher chance of your pipes developing leaks. Ensure to call the professionals to help you inspect your pipes to prevent major issues from happening. There might be a chance it’s time for you to update some of your pipes.

If your home has sustained any water damage due to broken pipes, the professionals at Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO, can help you. Learn about their water restoration services and mold removal services today by calling 866 801 8100.

Clogged Pipes

Different factors can cause your pipes to get blocked. The most common reason involves your home’s drain and toilets. If your toilets become blocked, the water pressure in your pipes will increase, and as mentioned before, this can lead to leaks or even ruptures. This issue can also be detrimental for your family’s health, as wastewater and sewage get to be involved in the matter. The best way to prevent this is by being aware and paying attention to what you let down the drain.

Irregular Maintenance

Irregular maintenance is the most common cause of houses suffering from water damage and flooding. It’s essential to have your pipes inspected and pay attention to the different signals that can tell you about the state your pipes are in. If you happen to see a leak or you notice random mold spots around your house, get in contact with professionals immediately to prevent them from escalating into something bigger.

Dangers of Broken Pipes

Besides the damages mention before, broken pipes can lead to your home suffering from water damage. This can present itself in different ways. Your furniture and possessions can get stained and damaged, your photos can get ruined. A bursting pipe can also mean having to spend a great amount of money on repairs.

If Your Home Has Suffered from Water Damage, Contact the Professionals at Buffalo Builders in Denver, CO

When it comes to restoration services, the professionals at Buffalo Builders are the best option to ensure your home returns to being as good as new. Learn about their water damage restoration and mold removal services by speaking with a staff member by calling 866 801 8100.