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How thorough is your spring clean? Would you say that you have the task under-control? Could you say that you find all of the dirt? Even the most hidden areas you often don't think to look?

When the time for the annual spring clean comes around the world is shown two very different types of people. There are those who love nothing more than jumping into the task, almost seeing it as an exciting challenge to find and remove as much dirt and clutter as possible.

Don't Forget These Spring Cleaning Items

Then, of course, there is the rest of us who undertake the task solely because we were taught that it's a good thing to do. If this sounds like you, below are some great spaces to add to your list from Buffalo Builders to help you make the most out of your cleaning time.


If you are serious about spring cleaning then it’s likely that you plan to remove all of the items from your refrigerator and freezer, give both the appliance and the items a good clean, before putting it all back together. You might even add a little bit of vanilla essence to add a lovely smell. However, were you planning on moving the refrigerator to clean all of the dust, debris, and food scraps which have made their way underneath? How about the coils on the back of the appliance? Or the wall which it rests against? When you are planning your spring clean, be sure to include time (and help) to move your refrigerator and cleaned the abovementioned items. In addition to improving the cleaning less of your home, removing food scraps is also a good way to keep pests and rodents out of your home.

Wash Your Washing Machine

Believe it or not, the very machine which washes your clothes can itself become dirty. Very dirty! If you have never cleaned your washing machine then you are in for a surprise. In addition to putting through a washing solution in an empty cycle, be sure to get some cleaning solution and a cloth and wipe around the drum of the machine, as far in as you can safely reach. When you remove the cloth, don’t be surprised if you not only see dirt and grime but also grease which has come from the workings of the machine. Once you have finished cleaning the top of the drum, pay attention tot he lid of the machine as well as any controls and dials. If, when moving your appliances and performing your cleaning, you identify mold growth or property damage, be sure to speak with an expert. Repairs to your home and mold remediation are not DIY tasks. Call Buffalo Builders at 866 801 8100 and arrange for their attendance to provide you with a professional and safe solution.


Of course, why do one without the other? After you have tacked your washing machine, take aim at your dryer. In addition to simply cleaning the lint filter, also take a good look inside for any debris, such as anything which has melted and becomes stuck to the drum. Of course, similar to the tip about your refrigerator, be sure to plan to move both of these appliances to clean not only their exteriors but also the floor underneath and the wall behind. While it might seem like a lot of work, remember that this task is only completed once a year, and if you use a dryer without proper ventilation there is likely to be a lot of builds up waiting to be cleaned.

Exhaust Fans

While you likely wipe any visible dust away with a cloth or use your vacuum cleaner extensions during your regular cleans, how often do you reach up to your ceiling, remove the ventilation grill, clean and dry it, and also clean inside the vent? If the answer is never then this is a great item to add to your spring cleaning list. Once you remove the grill, follow the cleaning insturctions on the user manual to give it a thorough clean, remembering to ensure it is completely dry before returning it to your ceiling. As for the vent itself, a damp cloth is a great way to easily wipe away any dust which has settled along with removing any potential mold growth which has started.

Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO

While you may not like the idea, spring cleaning your home is the best way to keep it free from over-clutter and prevent small problems from growing into large and costly repairs. If you uncover any water damage to your property, be sure to have it looked at and repaired immediately. In addition to causing serious structural damage, water damage is a leading cause of mold growth. Before you attempt the work yourself, speak with Buffalo Builders at 866 801 8100!