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What Others Say About DKI
"We were extremely pleased with all your 
work and the efficiency in which all 
aspects were completed."
- Anne T.
"Thank you for your kindness and patience, 
your workers were both professional and 
friendly, I am completely satisfied with their 
work. You can be sure I will call you if I ever 
need your services again."
- Judith V.
"Thank you isn't enough for all of your hard 
work and effort. I really do appreciate all 
what you did"
- Craig
"Thank you so much for all you've done, I 
truly appreciate your caring and professional 
- Susan S.
"Your work crew did a fantastic job at 
cleaning my house"
- Vera B
"A big Thank You the crew did a great job we 
appreciate it"
- Maureen S
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Charitable and Relief Efforts

At Buffalo Builders Inc., we feel fortunate whenever we find ourselves in a position to lend assistance to individuals or groups in need and participate in local events.

Recently Buffalo Builders, Inc. helped plant a community Christmas Tree alongside Colorado Springs Together and the Colorado Springs Utilities.  We continue to assist victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  

Please click on the link below to find out if how can help:
2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Buffalo Builders was proud to sponsor the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge.  It was an unforgettable experience.  We were very pleased to greet riders from around the world, welcome them to our community, and introduce many people to our home -  the City of Colorado Springs and the State of Colorado.  

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the individuals that included Buffalo Builders and First Response in a World Class Event.
American Samoa
On the morning of September 29, 2009, an approximate magnitude 8 earthquake sent a Tsunami through the South Pacific.  Reports of a 62 mile-wide wave traveling approximately 50 miles per hour at the time of impact caused severe damage to the islands of Tonga, Samoa, and American Samoa.  This event directly affected the Buffalo Builders family.  

A contingent from the Colorado Springs office travelled to American Samoa to assist in relief efforts and help family.  The staff from BBI were met by a strong, loving, resilient and grateful people.  The words used to describe the Samoan people are equally understated when calling the efforts of FEMA, the US Army, US Coast Guard and the American Red Cross outstanding and generous.  

We would like to compliment the unbelievable efforts provided by the great number of organizations we encountered in American Samoa.  Most importantly, while we thank the people of American Samoa for their kindness, we would also like to emphasize the positive impact their strength and faith had on our BBI family.  We continue to express our deepest condolences for the families that lost loved ones in the Tsunami.
The Ride for Semper Fi

The Ride for Semper Fi is a group cycling event “geared’ to raise money for injured service men and women.  The group of cyclists will ride from Scottsdale, AZ to San Diego, CA.  Although only in its second year, this event will surpass it’s goal and raise over $120,000 - approximately doubling the amount generated in its first year!  The success of this outstanding event is largely due to the energy and tireless efforts of its participants.  Buffalo Builders is proud to find itself alongside a great group of sponsors and cyclists. 

Semper Fi
Articles of Interest:
Inception - 2008 event raised approximately $65,000!
2010 event raised over $250,000!

This inaugural event was held to raise funds for the community-based initiatives of the Junior League of Colorado Springs.  The day turned into an exciting hands-on, family-oriented show.  This event was an unexpected success for the JLCS and great fun to be a part of. 

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